WIPL-D AW Modeler

AW Modeler is a WIPL-D front-end for easy modeling of 3D objects and is particularly well suited for planar structures, such as microstrip. A 3D object can be interactively created and edited, by mouse point-and-click, on a non-uniform grid specified by symbols. The object can be composed of wires and planar polygons with arbitrary number of vertices. A polygon can have thickness to model finite thickness metallization. AW Modeler automatically generates vias, radial stubs and circular patches, and feeders as separate entities.

Simulation models created by AW Modeler are automatically converted to WIPL-D projects for further analysis and optimization. The user is free from manual meshing the structure: AW Modeler accurately and appropriately meshes all polygons, vias, metallization, and other.

Alternatively, DXF files can be imported to AW Modeler, edited if desired, and converted to WIPL-D projects.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy modeling of planar structures by polygons using grids and mouse
  • Predefined objects: substrates, vias, circles, feeders
  • Optimized quadrilateral meshing of polygonal AW model
  • Automatic conversion of AW model into WIPL-D project
  • User-directed meshing along grid lines
  • Conversion of DXF files into WIPL-D projects


  • Fully automated quadrilateral meshing
  • Advanced meshing techniques for elimination of long edges
  • User-directed meshing along grid lines


  • Easy creation of planar structures with vias and substrates
  • Automatic generation of feeders to model device ports
  • Built in models of radial stubs and circular patches
  • Fully interactive mouse-driven interface for fast creation of 3D models composed of wires and planar polygons with arbitrary number or vertices
  • Powerful manipulations (editing): displace, copy, enclose, metallization
  • Symbols can be used to specify model dimensions


  • DXF files containing model description can be imported
  • Any DXF import can be edited and converted to WIPL-D project for analysis and optimization

AW model and its mesh in WIPL-D Pro