Getting the most out of WIPL-D

To get all the benefits of working with WIPL-D instead of other software, one has to gain some experience in working with it. Nevertheless, the content of the suite itself plays a role that can’t be neglected in the whole process.

Easier designing process is achieved with WIPL-D Pro CAD. You will be able to import a wide range of formats, to model structures of irregular shapes yourself, as well as inspect the model in details and manipulate it the way you want. After the meshing is done, it can always be improved, either by changing meshing parameters in WIPL-D Pro CAD or by changing the mesh directly with WIPL-D Pro.

Speed can be boosted in many ways. The easiest one is to have a fast machine: multiple CPU cores or, even better, multiple GPU cards! WIPL-D’s GPU Solver allows usage of up to 3 GPU cards in parallel to solve huge problems in a very short time, independently of available RAM memory. Another way to boost the speed of solution is by changing the parameters of simulation: order of approximation, reductions, shadow regions… These are advanced options, but incredibly useful for solution of any large problem.

Projects can be optimized by Optimizer, an add-on which automatically finds the best parameters according to the specified goals.

Finally, by using all three of our major products (Pro, CAD, Microwave), one can solve complex problems, such as hybrid circuit – 3D EM models, very quickly and accurately.