Parametric Sweep

Parametric Sweeper is a module that is an integral part of WIPL-D Pro. This tool allows you to easily and quickly get insight into design space, by sweeping a parameter within a range and displaying how the performance of the design changes. A very simple and easy-to-use interface enables the user to choose what project symbols (variables) should be swept across a range of values. The rest of the work is done automatically: sweeper drives the EM simulator with different values of the sweep parameters and saves the results. The results are displayed the same way as for fixed-parameter simulation since the visualization tools automatically recognize the parametric sweep data formats.


Microstrip patch antenna with a pitched slot is analyzed. The slot enables elliptical polarization of an antenna which would otherwise be linearly polarized. The goal of the design is to get circular polarization, which would mean ellipticity equal to 1. The length of the slot and the pitch angle between the axis of the slot and the axis of the patch (that runs through the feed line) influence the polarization. Parametric Sweep feature is used to see what is the nature of this influence and what value of pitch angle is approximately optimum.

After the optimum is approximately located, an optimization algorithm with WIPL-D Optimizer can be used to fine-tune the design for maximum performance.