20 dB Horn Antenna

Simulation time and requirements for EM computation of horn antenna are minimal and listed in the table below. Results are presented for radiation pattern, currents on antenna and near field. It is also demonstrated that requirements are reduced by applying one or two symmetry planes (models marked as half and quarter, respectively).

Model of the Antenna

Parameter Value [m]
a1 0.02286
b1 0.01016
a2 0.1237
b2 0.09195
Lline 0.04
Lhorn 0.2555

Simulation Parameters (on Intel Core i7 950 CPU 3.07GHz)

Model No. of unknowns Time @ 10GHz Time / Radiation Pt. Time / Near Field Pt.
quarter 646 0.56 sec 9.996e-5 sec 1.529e-4 sec
half 1289 0.78 sec 1.11e-4 sec 1.48e-4 sec
full 2526 2.09 sec 9.3e-5 sec 1.97e-4 sec


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